Commercial Free Childhood?

The Cartoon Network debuted preschool programming this week, dubbed Tickle U, airing 9 to 11 a.m. weekdays. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood calls the programming "no laughing matter."

At issue is whether parents need television to help develop a child’s sense of humor, and whether the show should be marketed using partnerships with hospitals. Plus, there is the idea of training toddlers to watch TV, watch advertising, and wanting the inevitable Tickle U children’s products.

I’m in no rush to introduce Little Miss to television. When I do, it will
be for an educational purpose. Miss is readily capable of
laughing and having a good time with her parents and playmates. I
prefer laughter derived from human interaction over laughter derived from a
static box.

Controversy aside, my real point is to direct you to the CCFC’s web site. Kids learn from everything they experience in life, so it’s worth a minute of your time to ponder what messages marketers are giving your kids.

News release: Cartoon Network’s “Tickle U” Is No Laughing Matter

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

Tickle U

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