Build a Baby Time Capsule

I started thinking about time capsules when I ran across a web page for the  Baby Time Pod, a hermetically sealed foil Mylar bag containing a variety of printed publications from the time of your baby’s birth. [The link has since gone dead. R.I.P. Baby Time Pod.]

The idea of buying a time capsule seemed funny to me. I almost saved the link for a ‘Friday Funnies’ post. Then, after some Googling, I realized time capsules are serious business.

Photo of an extreme recycling fantasy depicting a Cheerios cereal box with paper taped to it reading: Thinga Macapsule, do not open until 2024.No doubt, the Baby Time Pod is the simplest option because they fill a Mylar bag for you with magazines and other period pieces.

A more personal option is Baby’s Time Capsule from The Original Time Capsule Co. This is a guided do-it-yourself option with a kit containing 22 unspecified pieces that are "everything needed to create an absolutely unforgettable treasure." [Froogle search for Baby Time Capsule]

But the frugal bug in my has me thinking of still other options. Newsprint might age poorly over, say,  20 years, but wouldn’t magazines hold up well? My time capsule would be a used cardboard box and maybe a few Ziploc freezer bags packed away at the top of my closet. But if I were determined, I’d ask a comic book fanatic how he preserves his copy of Action Comics #1. Better yet, I might buy some document preservation supplies from a genealogy company.

Creating a time capsule seems quite easy and has me thinking, why not? I’m starting 14 months late, but we have some memorable keepsake gifts, favorite pieces of now-too-small clothing, Little Miss’ first shoes and such. We’ll scrounge up a decent box of curio items.

Tips and suggestions from The Original Time Capsule Co.

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2 Responses to “Build a Baby Time Capsule”

  1. Cheldan Kieta says:

    First b-day party… Guest are going to contribute articiles to my childs capsule. I am going to send out invites to the party along with a list of ideas for the Time Capsule. I will let everyone know that this is only if you want to contribute! I want to take pics of the person and their item to place in the capsule. Any other ideas that could help out this first timer?

    August 2nd, 2008 at 11:05 am

  2. April says:

    I am doing the same thing..however I won’t be able to have a picture of everyone putting items into the capsule as alot of relatives live out of state and won’t be there in person.

    September 19th, 2008 at 7:51 pm