Toy Review: Learning Table

The day after Little Miss stood up for the first time, we rushed out and bought the first standing toy we found, The LeapStart Learning Table. Miss loved it. Immensely.

It features colorful objects to slide, push, open, roll and spin, each activating its own separate musical tune or sound bite (3 AA batteries). A plastic book page at the center of the table toggles between music and voice mode. The table sports 40 melodies, but don’t be fooled. You hear them so often they sort of all melt together in your brain.

Two marketing photos, the top showing a baby standing at a learning table, the bottom showing a baby lying down using a Leaning Table with the table legs removedThe table’s legs detach for floor use by infants. The instruction manual notes that babies should only use the table when they are able to steadily stand. I don’t know how many parents will heed that advisory, so please be aware that you should still closely monitor your child.

Little Miss slipped a couple times when leaning on a sliding lever (cello handle) on one of the corners, causing her to fall. It was nothing serious, but I then began positioning her on the opposite side of the table until she could stand well. Miss could also use the table to pull herself up without trouble, but from the start, Miss was standing up with very little assistance from anything, so your mileage WILL vary. Use good judgement and a careful eye.

One of the table’s objects is a door that says “open” and “close” when you flip it. Miss ignored the door until we stuck one of her favorite rattles in the small cubby located under the door. Thereafter, that door was the first thing she used when approaching the table.

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  1. brettdl says:

    My son is 3 and still plays with the table.

    July 8th, 2005 at 8:05 pm

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