Review: Car Vacuums in the Fight Against Evil

An unholy mess. That was the state of our car yesterday. At 13 months, Little Miss is a one-third eater. One-third goes in her mouth. One-third goes on the floor. One-third gets tucked under her butt. I’m not sure about that last one. She may be a chipmunk saving up for the long winter ahead.

Photo of Dad's car vacuum and a pile of assorted crackers he cleaned upLiving in a rural area, our shopping trips are often a half-day affair. Miss has reached the age where we can temporarily placate her hunger with crackers, until we stop for a better meal.

Last week I carted our stand-up vacuum into the garage and sucked up cracker debris with a hose attachment. I soon realized the better solution: a car vac.

We looked for a car vacuum at Target. They had only one, the Durabuilt 12 Volt Twin-Motor Auto Vacuum Cleaner. (Despite the brand name, the box’s fine print reveals it is distributed by Target Corporation, apparently only in their brick ‘n’ mortar stores.) The vacuum plugs into the cigarette lighter. I told Mom, "Maybe we should get a Dustbuster. It’s rechargeable and cordless." Mom replied, "But this one is $12."

I couldn’t argue with that logic. Why pay $20 to $40 more for a vacuum we only need for the car? (I sold our last Dustbuster for 50 cents at a garage sale.)  Besides, a corded vacuum is better for the environment because it doesn’t use batteries. I just needed a simple way to suck up Goldfish crackers. *Bam* A car vac did the job.


One Response to “Review: Car Vacuums in the Fight Against Evil”

  1. Abbycat says:

    Yep, we get that too. Our problem is goldfish. Recently, our problem morphed into “ants-escaping the heat, entering the car, finding goldfish & calling all their friends”.

    Cleared them out with wet paper towels and a few spritzes of Burts Bees anti bug spray. It was meant to be a temporary measure while I found something more suitable (maybe with pennyroyal) but it worked; no more ants in the car.

    I like the car vac option; I also hear that Target has a carpet sweeper. That would help us control the indoor trail of crumbs.

    July 27th, 2005 at 9:36 am