Part 3: Dr. Strangepoop: Changing Reusable Diapers: Step by Step

Two images: AJ's head wrapped mummy-style with diaper liners, and a scene showing two step trash cans and the edge of a changing tableHere is our diaper changing routine, in detail:

Step 1: Prep Bathroom
If you keep the seat lid down, flip it up. Your hands may be full when you return.

Step 2: Prep Diaper
Select an insert that meets your absorption needs and a diaper color
that fits your baby’s attire. Stuff the insert into the diaper and position the diaper liner on the diaper.

We used to stuff diapers right after laundering, but Mom and I developed different preferences on the types of liners we use.

Step 3: Change Diaper
No surprises… Put your baby on the changing table and fasten her with the table’s safety restraint. Remove the dirty diaper, wipe clean, and replace with a new diaper.

Because our Wonderoos diapers use snaps (as opposed to Velcro, etc.) we fasten the diaper to the same snugness each time.

Step 4: Clean Up
Toss spent wipes in the trash can. Place soiled diaper on trash can lid, including the diaper liner.

Step 5: Safe Harbor
Place baby in a safe location, or if she walks, let her follow you.

Step 6:  Flush the Poop
Note to smug disposable users… yes, even you are supposed to flush poop. Read the instructions on your diaper packaging!

Carry the diaper to the bathroom and slide the poop into the bowl. Diaper liners help whether you’re dealing with slushy or solid poop. Wipe off any extra mess with facial tissue. You keep a box on the bathroom counter, right?  Toss the spent tissues into the toilet (unless your home uses a septic tank… your mileage may vary).

At night you’ll do all of this to the warm glow of a motion-sensor activated night light. It takes only seconds.

Update: Welcome Modern Day Dad readers. I should clarify that wiping poop with facial tissues is not an everday thing — just for assplosions. Most of the time I drop the liner into the toilet and I’m done.

Step 7: Clean-Up Continued
Back in the changing room, grab the edge of the insert and pull it out of the diaper. Toss the insert and diaper into the other trash can.

We don’t soak the diapers in a wet can. We store as is. The can filled with spent wipes gets emptied once a week. The diaper can gets emptied about every four days, when we wash the diapers.

After 12 months of using this system, our trash cans do not smell, but we still keep a deodorizer attached to the inside of both lids just to be safe. For seven years we have also used a step-on can to store a week’s worth of cat poop for two cats, and never had an odor problem (in fact, it solved an odor problem).

Step 8: Enjoy the Next Three Hours
Wash your hands. You’re done until next time!

Tomorrow: Part 4: Washing Reusable Diapers

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