Music Review: What Kind of Cat Are You?

You’ve got to admire a percussionist who can turn death and destruction into a fun sing-along tune.

When Mom bought the What Kind of Cat Are You? CD, by percussionist Billy Jonas, I hated it. At first. As Mom learned the lyrics she became animated with hand gestures while singing to Little Miss – all of the CD tracks are sing-alongs or call-and-response songs. Then I heard Mom singing Old Saint Helen.

CD album cover of What Kind of Cat Are You?

“There were pieces of the mountain in your eyes,
Up your nose and down your chest!
A little bit deeper on every breath!”

Whaaa? A song about the 1980 Mt. Saint Helens eruption? Cool. OK, I like that one track.

A few days later Mom was singing again. Did I just hear Saudi Arabia in a kid’s song?

“They come from plastic, which came from petrochemicals,
which came from oil, which came from Saudi Arabia,
which came from THE GROUND!”

The Some Houses song talks about a variety of raw materials and where they all come from – the ground. The chorus burrowed into my subconscious. Did I mention Jonas performs on found objects? Water bottles, buckets, pots, and so forth? That fact really comes into play in Some Houses as he changes instruments to match the changing lyrics.

I ended up enjoying most of the tracks on the CD. More importantly, Little Miss claps when the music starts.

Billy Jonas official CD page (three songs are available as MP3 downloads) []

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Religion note: One CD track, Pharaoh Pharaoh, discusses Moses. If that’s not your thing, burn a copy of the CD minus that track.

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