Music Review: Philadelphia Chickens

You may know Sandra Boynton’s children’s books, but she is also an awesome song writer. Philadelphia Chickens is a collection of 20 original songs from a fictional Broadway revue. They are silly, funny and inventive.

Philadelphia_chickensVoice talent on the CD includes Maryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Laura Linney, Patti LuPone, The Bacon Brothers (Kevin and Michael), Eric Stoltz, Scott Bakula and Natasha Richardson. (Actors are often classically voice trained, and they all did an excellent job on this CD.)

Three standouts deserve mention. First, Kevin Kline does an incredible job talking a mile a minute on "Busy Busy Busy," a song set in an office.

Second, Scott Bakula, well, if you’re a fan from his work on Quantum Leap or Enterprise, you’ll get a kick out of him singing about "Pig Island," where "they play on the beaches, the color of peaches, down by the turquoise sea, oh my, under the blue, blue sky."

Third, Eric Stoltz nails "Snuggle Puppy," a very sweet song that is likely played to every child every night before they go to sleep in the homes where this CD resides. It’s simply the best.

The CD is betters suited toward toddlers than babies, but Little Miss still shakes and claps to a lot of the songs.

Philadelphia Chickens CD [Preview the audio tracks at]

Philadelphia Chickens Book and CD  [no audio preview at]

I haven’t seen the book because we bought the CD solo at a music store.

Sandra Boynton’s web site []

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