Memorable Baby Gifts

Little Miss has received several keepsake items from family members that are quite special. Sure, all gifts are special, but some will be saved long after Little Miss has grown up.

Photo collage of a silver spoon, silver dollar, leather baby shoes and a handmade quiltThe photo collage at right features some of the actual items, except for the silver dollar image I nabbed from the US Mint web site.

The gifts:

Baby Spoon – My father’s original baby spoon is still in our family. My aunt researched the silver pattern and discovered it is rare. So she gave us a baby spoon from in the pattern she uses now — 1940 Youth, made by International Silver.

There once was a custom of giving the gift of a silver spoon upon a baby’s christening. So, the saying "born with a silver spoon in its mouth" is derogatory because such a baby didn’t wait until its christening to receive a silver spoon. For what it’s worth, my family was anything but affluent.

Garments – My mother gave a one-piece baby outfit I originally wore, as well as my first shoes and booties and a variety of other family baby items.

Coinage – My mother also gave a new penny, nickel, dime and quarter from Little Miss’ birth year.

Mega Coinage – My uncle gave a one ounce silver bullion dollar [] and the five commemorative quarters that were issued the year of Little Miss’ birth – all in U.S. Mint packaging.

Quilt – My grandma-in-law gave a quilt that she made for her own daughter in the 1950s.

Frankenstein Quilt – My other grandma-in-law started a quilt before she died in the early 1990s. My wife took the fabric pieces upon the closing of the estate and they sat in a box for more than a decade. A stray conversation led a quilting coworker to repair the many aging thin pieces of fabric and finish the quilt using the preexisting completed work as a guideline. (This quilt is in the photo above.)

Education – We established a 529 college fund [] for Little Miss, a tax-deferred savings plan that invests in mutual funds. A number of family members have donated to her future education.

I would love to hear about mementos others have received that commemorate a birth or your little one’s place in your family history.


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  1. Treacy says:

    Upon returning home from the hospital following the birth of our son, we found a copy of The Boston Globe from our baby’s birthday that thoughtful friends of ours had left on our porch in a large, archival type ziploc bag. It’s tucked away with his baby book, etc.

    April 1st, 2008 at 10:18 am

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