It’s the tiny gear that matters — pacifier clips

Mam_pacifier_keeperBeware of decapitated animal heads on baby products. At our baby shower we received several cute pacifier clips with plush duck or frog heads. In theory, you clip one end to the pacifier and the other to the baby’s clothing so the pacifier never drops on the ground. In practice, Mom, Dad and baby frequently knock the whole contraption to the ground because the damn clip is so weak.

No more! Pick up a MAM Pacifier Keeper at Target or any decently stocked chain store. It doesn’t have an animal head, but the clip is really, really, really strong. Secure it and forget about it. The clip has a plastic loop for attaching to MAM pacifiers and a Velcro loop for regular pacifiers that use a ring handle.

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One Response to “It’s the tiny gear that matters — pacifier clips”

  1. brooke collins says:

    I totaly agree and would love to send you one of our pacifier clips to test out!

    May 26th, 2008 at 8:59 pm

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