First French Kiss

Here are a few observations from the past week…

  1. Little Miss had her first French kiss. Whew, glad we got that over early. Miss was at a mommies group, standing at a Ball Zone with a boy twelve-thirteenths her age. Miss stuck out her tongue. The boy responded by presenting his tongue. All the mommies began watching. Then the lovebirds leaned toward  each other with their mouths open and their tongues out,  as if to find out what the other person tasted like. The applicable moms jumped up in short order and pulled the lovebirds apart.
  2. Mom, Miss and I were running errands in the car. As Mom left the vehicle to run into our insurance agent’s office to pay a bill, I noticed something unusual about Mom. When she returned, I asked her, "Do you realize you have the baby’s hat on your head?" Her expression indicated the answer was, "no," although she later commented that the circumstances explained why the insurance agent was unusually jovial while talking to her.
  3. Miss’ facial expressions continue to develop. She has perfected the furrowing of her brow in dissatisfaction. It’s quite Cro-Magnon.

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