Book Review: Brazelton Books for Parents

If you don’t know Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, you should look him up. He is one of the United States’ best-known pediatricians. He is the Dr. Spock of our time.

My introduction to the good doctor was through a "touchpoints" video from the library at our obstetrician’s office. You might know him from the old Lifetime Channel show, "What Every Baby Knows." He exudes, as any good pediatrician should, warmth and love.

Cover image of Touchpoints, the Essential Reference by T. Berry BrazeltonWe own one of his books, Touchpoints: the Essential Reference. It lays out a map of infancy and early childhood emotional and behavioral development. The cool thing about Touchpoints is that Brazelton’s advice is ordered in the same sequence that you, as a parent, would naturally be seeking it from your own pediatrician during office visits. As such, you can read just the portions of the book that apply, or will soon apply, to your situation.

Brazelton also has written books on sleep, discipline, fussiness and numerous other topics.

That said, here is advice about buying any educational book. Flip through the book at a brick ‘n’ mortar bookstore to get a feel for the writing style and be sure it jives with you. And you know what? Buy the book from that store. Save yourself shipping charges and days of waiting. Visit to see if a specific book is available at one of the independent booksellers in your town (Abebooks lists 70 million titles from 13,000 bookstores worldwide).

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