Toy Review: Family Duck for bathtime

Moldy water. That’s what festers inside rubber ducks, courtesy of their squeak holes. I never liked the idea of water trapped in a toy my kid will be playing with for several years.

I was pleased to discover the “Family Duck,” from Ambi Toys/BRIO in a curio toy shop. The seven-inch-long hard plastic momma duck has bold colors – yellow, green, blue and red. The back piece of the duck folds open to reveal three removable baby ducks. Each of the duck heads can be turned.

A plastic mother duck and three baby ducks in green, blue, yellow and redLittle Miss loves bath time. She screams with excitement when the water turns on, jumping and shaking in anticipation. We position the four ducks on the tub ledge for her to grab and toss into the water.

You should hear her squeal when the ducks splash down. And, once she gets in the tub, Miss enjoys placing the babies into and out of the momma duck.

Momma duck doesn’t float too well after she takes on water. Unlike the babies, momma’s main compartment can take on water, but that actually makes it easier for Miss to put the babies inside.

Based on Froogle search results, there appear to be two versions of the momma duck, one with a yellow folding back piece and one with green.  If the color is important, find a seller who will confirm your choice.

Family Duck at

Family Duck via Froogle search

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