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Line art rendering of Little Miss screaming her head off when she was 46 days new

About me

Hi, I’m AJ. I am a writer and photographer dad working from home in northern California. My wife is a labor and delivery nurse. We share parenting duties.

Cast of Characters

  • AJ – The writer of this blog.
  • Mom or “The Wife” – She who bore my children and puts up with my peccadillos.
  • Little Miss or Big Sister – My 4-year-old daughter (born in 2004).
  • Little Brother – our son who arrived March 2008.

About the web site
Thingamababy carries original reviews of baby and toddler products my family has bought and used, previews of other products I find, tips, and observations. I am not compensated for products I review.

Product reviews contain the word “Review” in the article title and include commentary about how much I and my daughter enjoy and use the product. All other product articles are of interesting items I’ve seen online or seen in person.

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