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Thingamababy is owned and written by AJ, a writer/photographer dad with a 3-year-old (and a second child arriving in March 2008), in northern California.

Product samples from manufacturers are welcome. I only accept samples that I could see myself buying (e.g., if I dislike your product, I won’t give you my shipping address). Above all, I want Thingamababy to be a useful resource. Shoot me an e-mail pitch or news release (link at upper right) and I’ll get back to you if interested.

Examples of reviews written from submitted products include:

The web site carries original reviews  of baby and toddler products my family has used in our home, previews of  other products I find, and parenting tips.

Product reviews contain the word “Review” in the article title and include commentary about how much I and my daughter enjoy and use the product. All other product articles are merely profiles of interesting items I’ve seen  online or seen in person.

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